About Us

Risata is much more than a home bakery or a usual dessert shop. It is a childhood dream that was harbored for long before it finally came true in 2016. Our single most passion lies in spreading the love and laughter, and this is precisely what westrive to do each day. Each and every dessert is handmade with love, using the most authenticand genuine ingredients, with perfection and precision. In the end all that matters to us is delivering much more than a dessert; we strive deliver an entire experience in a dessert box.

Meet The Team

Risata was founded by Chef Muskan Ahuja when she was just 18, right after she finished her schooling and a small intensive diploma from CCDS, New Delhi. For three years, Risata was a super small side hustle, while Muskan persuaded her degree in English Literature from Hindu College, University of Delhi. This was followed by a gap year when Muskan temporarily shifted to Bangalore to pursue her dreams, and joined the Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts, and then followed it up with an internship at Amande Patisserie. In June 2020, Muskan decide to quit her freelance content writing career and other side hustles, and dedicated herself full time to her brainchild, Risata. There has been no looking back ever since, and Risata is now only growing with each passing day.


How it all Started

Risata started as a small home bakery back in 2016, when Chef Muskan was still exploring herself. For three years, Risata was limited to just an order a week, and a couple of dessert stalls here and there, before Muskan decided to turn this into a proper scalable venture. Today, we serve customers across Delhi NCR and do not fail to delight them with our custom creations, gourmet desserts and gifting options. Ever since our inception, we have been particular about using only high-quality ingredients, with no chemicals and preservatives. All our desserts are baked exclusively on order, so that our customers get nothing but perfection. As of now, Risata is operating with a small team and lots of family support, and we are taking baby steps to expand our venture.

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